Breastfeeding Testimonials

Breastfeeding Testimonials – WHAT MUMS SAY ABOUT ME …

Here are some breastfeeding testimonials from mums I have helped through my Breastfeeding Counselling & Support Service and MumsMilkMatters

“Nicola gave excellent suportive advice. She was not critical even when I said pretty crazy things…”

“She seemed to understand the state you’re in as a new parent, how vulnerable you are and therefore the kind of uncritical support you need.”

“I found the ante-natal breastfeeding class very useful in giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to breastfeed.”

“Nicola was very helpful and informative. She helped with techniques and put my mind at ease when things weren’t quite as they should have been.”

“There were a few times that I felt like giving up. I would speak to Nicola and she helped me so much.”

“Nicola was very patient and helpful, and I never felt like I was being judged, or that any question was silly.”