About Nicola – Breastfeeding Help, Support, Counselling & Education

Breastfeeding Help, Support, Counselling & Education – Nicola Dunford

I am a trained independent breastfeeding counsellor, educator and mum of 2 primary aged boys.

I have been involved with breastfeeding help, support & counselling since my eldest son was born in 2003. I have worked as a breastfeeding peer supporter, a community breastfeeding counsellor within the NHS and also as a private breastfeeding counsellor working directly with families in their own homes.

The first focus of my work with breastfeeding mums is to help them overcome any physical difficulty with feeding, for example; pain and discomfort, an unsettled baby or an infants ‘failure to thrive’.

In addition to this practical help and support I offer the mum an opportunity to discuss and explore ways to deal with emotional issues surrounding feeding; I use my counselling skills to listen effectively and guide the mum towards finding solutions to her own questions so that she feels empowered, in control, and comfortable with the decisions she makes.

My specialties

  • Practical support with feeding difficulties; poor or uncomfortable latch, sore nipples, mastitis, thrush, over supply or under supply.
  • Experience and understanding of different views and attitudes to infant feeding including sensitivity towards cultural variance.
  • Experience of supporting mums with multiple births and older siblings.
  • Weaning, mixed or combination feeding – the process which starts when your infant takes their first taste of something other than breastmilk.
  • Breastfeeding and returning to work.
  • Feeding / life balance.
  • Emotional understanding and support.
  • Experience of working with a wide range of family set ups.
  • Working as a highly motivated breastfeeding educator

She seemed to understand the state you’re in as a new parent, how vulnerable you are and therefore the kind of uncritical support you need.

Nicola was very patient and helpful, and I never felt like I was being judged, or that any question was silly.